Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I must be bored....

I seriously have a problem...I get excited about the littlest things ever! Including but not limited to:

a new mop that wrings itself out!

when Koby blows a kiss to the cash register lady or man or he says Thankyou (oh my gosh it is so cute)

when Brody falls asleep without a pacifier or bottle

a diet pepsi from shortstop (come on you know you get excited too)

a craft project that gets finished even if it is a simple one

seeing my kids in their Halloween costumes (whose Halloween for anyway)


fake eyelashes

a new haircut

a new sharp razor


to get to play raquetball with my honey

when Kaleb comes thru the door and immediately comes over to give me a kiss

when Koby cuddles with me and wants to watch "toons" aka cartoons

when Brody is nakes and his cute little butt cheeks have dipples

getting a good deal at the grocery store


homeade stew that I have on the stove right now

the sound of the washing machine

a clean house

a quiet house

a good workout

the change of seasons

the smells of Christmas

canning anything

an organized closet

the smell of pine-sol

a phone call from a friend

an eskimo kiss from Koby

Brody with his winter hat on

Kobys amazing smile

Brody spitting baby food out all over me

Brodys hands

when Kaleb laughs really hard

a good diet day

Gosh I guess I do get excited very easily! I have always loved just the little things about life! I always tell Kaleb "Oh this is seriously my favorite".. and then the next day I say it again about something else.