Monday, March 26, 2012

Should I

I keep thinking should I post or shouldn't I...I'll wait til the babies here...then I'll have something to post about but then I think ya but this has been going on far too long...the waiting I mean...So I will post I guess. I have my appt tomorrow I'l be 40 weeks. I am hoping he is up to inducing me because thats what this girl wants to do. My babies were 8lbs 1 oz and 8lbs 5 oz and really...I don't want to wait too much longer. I've had a fantastic pregnancy! I am uncomfortable and tired of not being able to breathe and having acid reflux but..that being said I am so grateful for a healthy baby. This has been the best out of the three pregnancies so I can't complain. I can't wait to meet my new little buddy! I love my boys and I am so happy to be having another little guy! I told my girls in Young Womens.."the next time you see me I will have a baby!".. and that makes me very happy! My appt is at 9 so I'm thinking depending on how the docs feeling and how busy the hospital is and all that theres a chance he might induce me tomorrow..I don't know but I think I'll pack a few things just in case. I have been washing the carseat and washing all the bedding in our house today just to be ready. I'm so excited! and nervous...Childbirth is so interesting. Most women have it in common and everyone has there nightmare stories and they all usually want to tell it. Being pregnant I feel like thats all that people talk about around me not that I mind I don't but it is something that I think women like to talk about. I don't think the boys believe me when I say we will have a baby this week. I think they think I will be pregnant forever! Brody thinks that my belly button is the door and that the door just needs to open and Koby thinks that its going to come out my mouth..awesome. Fine with me. I love the way they say Bryce..they kind of leave out the R and it is adorable. I can't wait to have my family all together like I think I'm more excited to have the boys come see there new brother then anything! I love love love my boys! They melt my heart! Well heres to blabbering and well heres to hopefully bringing home Baby Bryce this week! Wish me luck!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

A good day...

What do you consider a good day? Well let me see...spending a day with these lovelies pretty much was well a good day. They are so fun and happy and thrifty and talented and kind and the list could go on and on. I have watched them my whole life and really they all have qualities that I want to have. It was so fun to just be able to be with them for the day. What else makes a good day? Getting stuff accomplished! We got alot done! We (I don't know why I'm saying we...lets just be honest it was them) did the baby bumper and the dust ruffle, curtains, 3 receiving blankets and hung the curtains (thanks to grandpas help) and hung up some decorations that I need to finish! I am now ready to have this BABY! I can't wait! Thankyou Mom, Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Kristy (your a genius with sewing), Aunt Bon, Aunt Bet, Aunt Ann! I love you!