Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Bryces Birthday

 Bryce's birthday was awesome! It's kind of awkward not knowing how to celebrate but knowing you want to do something. It was so wonderful to get texts, phone calls, emails and flowers. I felt selfish thinking that I had set myself up to get to hear from my loved ones on this day. I didn't have time to be sorrowful, well not too much time anyway because I was showered with phone calls and texts.  There are others but I didn't get pictures but still the blessings are the same.  We helped a family cover mortuary cost as someone helped us when Bryce died and we wanted to do the same.  It made me cry to see the acts of kindness that were being rendered. I love you all so much. You make me so grateful! I love knowing that my family is there for me. They love me. Life is good and Heavenly Father has blessed our family with a burning desire (called Bryce) to be obedient.

Dear Bryce,
I can't believe it's been one year! I got to go thru our box that has pictures and loving cards that people sent when you died. Bryce people are so good. They care. It is overwhelming to know that we have people looking out for us, caring for us. I pray that I can be caring and loving like people were (are) to us. I know you are busy. I know that you are with loved ones in heaven too. Tell them hello for me. Give them a hug and tell them thank you for all that they have done for us. I cant wait to meet them. There are some i have only seen pictures of and heard valiant stories. There are some that I remember very well and cant wait to see them again. We are a big family sealed by the priesthood power. I am beyond grateful for this truth. You see Bryce sometimes you seem very far but really I know that you are right there. You are right there waiting for us. You love us and want us to be happy. You know that it will be but a moment. Sometimes I forget this and need reminded. Please help me to remember. We will be a big happy family together forever. I love you Bryce. I think about you all the time. I am so grateful that I got to carry you for the whole 9 months. I cherish that time. I will always cherish that time. I love you baby Bryce! Mommy loves you so much that sometimes I feel like my heart might burst. I know that it won't though because deep down I know that I will see you soon. I can't wait. Please help me to remember that it is just a moment. I love you bud. I have to go now, darnet... but I will see you soon.

Love mommy
This awesome guy...Uncle Shea

The Flakes

The Stuarts all the way in Oklahoma showing their love.

Love this, makes me cry everytime I look at it.

Sorry about the picture.  Brother Kenneth and Mom and Dad

The Brimhalls. Look at all those kids. :)

The Websters service.

The Reidhead girls!  We love you!

Adorable girl and one good Daddy!

Jackson only has a few weeks to say goodbye.

The Flakes cleaning the Big home.

Happy Birthday Bryce!

On our way to the cemetery

Bryces cake

Of course my father in law pulls out a machete

We will see you soon bud. 
Families are Forever

More Random Picrtures and the Zoo

 Us.. at the zoo in the sun... ahhhh.

 More pictures of the chicks
 We used to do this to the boys so we made them do it again!
He sat like this the entire time.  :)

Random pictures

 I forot to add this one last post when we went to Thanksgivin Point.  I had to add it!
 Watering the grass!
 Koby had a cavitity fixed at the dentist!  He did so good.  Just a little numbing shot!
 We got free baby chicks the Saturday before Easter!  This boy loves them!  He sings to them and kisses (eww) them.
 Packing down some leaves.
 Another dentist shot.
 The Letter H.
 Haha.  Brodys face is silly!
 The boys were soaking up the sun
 At the hardware store.
First bike ride of the year!