Wednesday, August 6, 2008

PSR Reunion

Koby being cute

Mr. Ohia

Koby with his pirate hair and clothes.

This is how Koby sits when he stops crawling

All of us in our pirate gear! Ahoy matey!
I enjoyed camping with all of you! I was thinking about the work reunion and I decided that I really like that word. It is a time to reunite and reconnect with family members! I love you all so much and had a great time!
Koby tried all kinds of food and got really dirty!! Thanks to everyone that helped with him. I really appreciate it! Love you all, till next time! Well not really...


Alright so this post is just mostly my thoughts today... It is raining right now and I can't think of a better sound or smell..I love it and I'm sad to know that the monsoon will be over before I know it. We have gotten, zucchini, radishes, greenbeans and beets out of our garden so far and I love it! It is so neat to see a seed produce vegetables. I had the opportunity to go camping this last week and I loved it! The mountains are valleys are so green. The clouds are so beautiful! For the beauty of the earth. For the beauty of the skies. For the love which from out birth over and around us lies. Lord of all to thee we raise this our song of grateful.