Saturday, December 24, 2011

Kobys Birthday!

We had such a fu little party or Koby! He had a blast! We had a pinata a these kids loved it! We had cream of broccoli soup with rolls an then icecream and cake. What a fun time! Koby loved all of his presents and was a natural at the guitar. He knew how to hold it and everything. He loved his bike and went out to the garage to ride it. The other three went along to cheer him on. We sure do love you Koby! Can't believe you are already 4! Blows me away!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Picture overload I know! We've had great fun this fall! The first few pictures are just some of the boys being silly. They like to dress in dads socks and shoes and well hats too. The next one they are helping me make macaroni and cheese after church. Good helpers! Sometimes. Lets see I think next we are out getting wood with grandma and papa. We got a full trailor and truck load and had a great time doing it. The boys loved being out there. Brody is a good helper and Koby we kind of had to push a bit. We sure do appreciate the help of mom and dad getting some wood for the long winter ahead. Then the other grandma and papa hid some pumpkins for the kids in their yard and had the kids find them. They loved it! Then they had a pumpkin rolling contest. Next is the knights in shining armor. They were quite cute in their costumes I must say. (as long as you don't look too close at their chain mail sp) Their mom isn't quite on the up and up of sewing but hey they loved it and didn't know any difference so if their happy I'm happy. They thought Halloween was the best thing EVER. Next thing that happened to us is we got an ultrasound on Halloween and well...its another boy to had to the family! The boys were in the ultrasound and Koby was confused and kept saying baby sister and they he wanted the baby to come out and Brody called it a monster. We thought it was really funny! We are so happy to be having another boy. I love my boys! Now we can really be official with 3 of them! I am just going to have to wait to get daughters until they get married! Another thing... can I just say. My husband is such a stud! I love him with all my heart! He treats me so good and I love him with all of my heart! God gave us families to help us become what he wants us to be! Hope you all have a wonderful day!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

These boys are always getting into something! They are getting so big and grown up! I love them tons and hope they know that my world revolves around them. :) Lately the air has been crisp and it has been lovely! I love when its cool in the morning and evening. I love being a home maker. Lately I have enjoyed making my own laundry soup, dishwasher soup and making my own yogurt. I love the internet and the lovely ideas you can find there. I have been feeling really good! I'm finally finding myself being very excited for this little one growing inside. What an amazing and wonderful thing. It is truly a miracle! I am in love with my life and my little family! I am so blessed!

We got to dress up like pirates and find a treasure chest full of treasure! Arrggg!

Back in August

We went to the Greer Lakes and tried to catch crawdads but didn't catch any but it was fun to throw rocks in the lake.

Back in August

We got to slide down the slippin slide at the ranch with our cousins and it was so much fun!!!!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

HOLY PICTURES HUH!!! We had fabulous week! I LOVED it so much! Aunt Bons family was in charge and as you can see we had a rodeo on Saturday. Kobys horse was "monster" and Brodys was "tanker". There was some pretty funny horses! We had the reunion at the B-13 ranch because of the Wallow fire. I had it really good because I got to stay in my Grandmas and Grandpas trailor. The boys and I slept so good! They got a nap everyday. Need I say more. So the one picture where my dad is sitting at the table with the boys has a story behind that. I was doing Zumba one morning and my dad found th boys spraying bug repellant into their eyes so he took them down and hosed them off. Well they weren't real happy with grandpa so I made them sit right there and watch me finish my Zumba. Afterward I made them hold hands all the way down to the chicken coop and tell Grandpa sorry. And they did just that and they held hands all the way back to camp holding hands. Gosh what mischief! My little boys have so many awesome cousins to look up to. They had a blast playing with them all and wrestling with them. I really am so happy that they have good examples to look up to. I love all you boys so much! I think Jhett and Koby have this thing for eachother. Lets see what else... well my Dad just dove in the pool one morning and alot of people followed. Including my boys. They love the water. Brody says "waader" "waader" over and over. I love just being with my family. I am so excited for my cousins to go on missions. Lets see Gavins out now and then it'll be Treston then Derek and then Justing then Bo I believe. I loved going on a walk with Allee (my sister) and Tiffany (my cousin) and talking about life. I loved doing Zumba with my super cool Aunts and cousins and even my brother for one session. I loved watching Koby and Brody go down the water slide. Brody LOVED it the first day. I feel sad because I didn't get a good picture of him doing it. I loved watching Blake (my brother) and April dance and missing Kaleb so bad! I love seeing all my Aunts laughing like there is no tomorrow (literally). I loved having conversations about standards! I just wish I could tell each family memeber how much I love them! I want to gather each one in a giant hug and let them know that families are forever! I can't really express what I feel. I just know that God gave us families to help us become what he wants us to be.