Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I will not forget

Last night we went over to Kalebs sisters house to give her kids Valentines and while we were there the electicity kept going out and the kids were pretty scared but then it would come on and when we got to our house Koby was asking if our electricity was on and I told him yes but as soon as we got inside it started going off multiple times and so Kaleb got flashlights ready and Koby was scared but there again it kept coming back on so it was ok until it didn't for awhile. I had just finished dinner so we were sitting at the table eating and Koby kept asking Kaleb if he was going to fix the lights and we were trying to explain to him that there are people working on it and that it was going to be ok that it would get fixed and he was just really scared and his little eyes were big. He just kept asking questions and kept being worried. So I told him that maybe after he finished eating his food then the lights would be back on so he went to town eating. Well when that was done I asked him if he wanted to pray. So we prayed and the second te prayer was over he looks up at the lights and says "Jesus didn't fix it." So we told him that it would take a little time and tried to distract him. We played some games and talked and eventually the electricty came back on and you should've seen the relief on his little face! He was so happy and said "jesus fixed it!" So we said a prayer thanking Heavenly Father. I just love my little Koby! He is so sweet and I hope he remembers that Heavenly Father and Jesus love him and to always pray! What a special family time! Makes me so happy...


California once again was great! We loved Sea World. The boys loved the shows! They both had a love/hate relationship with the shark aquarium. Brody was crying after that saying "sharks bad" with a horrified look on his face and then he kept sayin he wanted to see baby fish. They loved looking at all of the weird and exotic fish in the aquariums. The gift exchange for Christmas was great! The boys love their gifts! Brody calls his mask the fire mask because it has red around the mouth and eyes an Koby calls his the ice mask because it has silver. We had a great time at the beach! It started out a little chilly and warmed up nicely. The boys liked the sand mostly this time and Koby even let his Uncles and Dad bury him. We loved our time spent with family. It was fun to get to stay in the same room with Blake and April and to visit with them. What an awesome family we have! Oh I forgot that Sunday was pretty awesome! I loved going to the Mormon Battalian Visiters Center. We are so blessed to belong to the church and to know the truth. Sometimes I feel bad because I probably don't appreciate growing up in the church as much as I should. I'm so grateful for our heritage. We found Samuel Hollister Rogers name, a Wilkins, a Brimhall...I think thats it as members of the Mormon Battalian. That was really neat to me. Anyway, thanks mom and dad for getting us all together! We love you guys!