Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I love having boys! Today on the way home from Showlow they informed us that they both needed to go potty so we pulled over and got it done. Koby was standing there all out and all. He had this cocky look on his face with a no hands kind a stance and said, "Awesome..ight (right) Momma." I was trying not to laugh when he then starts to dribble on himself and then I really couldn't help it. He kind a brushed it aside and was all. "I can't feel it. My underwear dry." He is seriously so confident. He really cracks me up. I love that kid.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

4th of July in Taylor...I think this is the only picture I got! The boys loved the rodeo! They thought the anvil was cool but I think they were a little tired! Kaleb had to work this year so it was just us. I ran the 5k run this year. It was fun but I wouldve enjoyed it alot more if I would have gotten some sleep.
The 4th in Eagar at the parade. Erin and Josh were gone and Kaleb had to work. The boys and I rode the 4 wheeler around town and they thought that was great!
Kelepolo family reunion! I think this is my favorite picture!
The grandkids.
Cheese! The boys were trying way too hard!
The boys!
Silly boys!
Trying to roll down the hill
We have a ton of grasshoppers and these boys had a fun afternoon catching them! And this is why I'm mom to boys!
Koby was sitting at the table cutting paper and all the sudden he run to the bathroom..I just thought he had to go pee but after him being in there a little while and not hearing the normal sounds I decided to check on him. He had cut his hair! I think he was kind of sad about it. He kept asking me, "but its ok it will grow back,..ight momma?"
Playing in the rain!