Sunday, April 18, 2010


A few Easter pictures. Koby had lots of fun finding eggs..him and his cousin would find the real eggs and think they were gross and not put them in their bags. Too smart already.

This is our trip to OK to visit Val awhile back. We had a great time! Alot of driving but really the kids did great and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I'm sad because we only took one picture of all the boys and it was definitley a lame picture. We were at the OK bombing memorial and all the boys were ready to go. The boys were funny to watch interact and wrestle with eachother! Vals new house is gorgeous with a cute little back yard and neighborhood! We took the kids to the park in their neighborhood and they had a blast! We stopped in Amarillo and ate at some intersting places! It was a fun little road trip! It was our first real raod trip vacation! I love my husband and boys! They are my everything!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Oh To Play in the Dirt

Right now our front yard is well...dirt....and I was out there shoveling it one day while the boys had at it! Of course you can picture Koby pouring dirt over Brodys head and Brody trying to eat rocks and dirt. Lets just say that we weren't out there very long. Plus the wind was blowing of course. Dirt..wind..shoveling dirt...don't mix. It was fun while it lasted though. After a nice bath the boys were good as new!


A little slow posting...ok alot slow posting but I figured it was better to post it than not even if its a bit late!...We had so much fun! Koby had a great time! We left Brody with Kalebs sister and brother-in-law. We missed him like crazy but were glad that we didn't bring him. I love my family so much! We will have to go on a vacation again...sometime...Thanks Mom and Dad for the fun! We loved being with all of you!

These are just some pictures from awhile back...Koby went thru a phase where he was obsessed with spoons and he thought he needed like 20...silly boy!

My honey

Kaleb is kind and gentle...he would do anything for anybody....he's humble...he knows who he is...he can be pretty funny...he is a great father and the boys love him dearly...he plays with them and I love that...he helps me cook and clean...he changes diapers...he works hard to earn a good living...he never complains...he never talks bad about others...he is supportive of the things I want to accomplish...he is oh so patient...these are just a few of the reasons I love my way handsome husband! I love him so much! This picture was taken on his birthday! It was way back in Jan..Jan 8 but I wanted to express my love for him! Love you babe!