Thursday, September 15, 2011

These boys are always getting into something! They are getting so big and grown up! I love them tons and hope they know that my world revolves around them. :) Lately the air has been crisp and it has been lovely! I love when its cool in the morning and evening. I love being a home maker. Lately I have enjoyed making my own laundry soup, dishwasher soup and making my own yogurt. I love the internet and the lovely ideas you can find there. I have been feeling really good! I'm finally finding myself being very excited for this little one growing inside. What an amazing and wonderful thing. It is truly a miracle! I am in love with my life and my little family! I am so blessed!

We got to dress up like pirates and find a treasure chest full of treasure! Arrggg!

Back in August

We went to the Greer Lakes and tried to catch crawdads but didn't catch any but it was fun to throw rocks in the lake.

Back in August

We got to slide down the slippin slide at the ranch with our cousins and it was so much fun!!!!