Wednesday, December 19, 2012

                                             Kobys and Brodys program from the daycare.
                      My favorite thing in the whole world.  Watching Brodys mouth say "pepperoni."
                                                     First snow of the year!  Yipee!
                                            I took these a little while back.  I LOOOOVE.

                               Koby is going thru a I don't know how to smile normal phase.
                                                This was at their program for the daycare.

We went to put up some Christmas stuff at Bryces grave and we saw some deer in the middle of the cemetery so Koby wanted to get out and chase them up the hill.  He ran up it like a pro then we went ended up going on a little hike up the hill where Koby found all kinds of "treasures."  He was so excited and full of life.  He thought everything was so awesome and had to be the leader and show us all the neat "treasures."  Funnest trip to the cemetary by far.  I love these boys.  They are the light of my life.
 Our Christmas tree this year.  The boys were in awe and had to turn off the lights to make it look beautiful.  They kept telling eachother to get close to look at it and then to look at it from far away.
 Grandma Kathy invited us over to decoarte a gingerbread house.  Koby ate all kinds of candy while Bro helped me decorate it.  Brody wanted it to get tight (hard) so that he could eat it.  Thanks Grandma!
 Waiting in line to see Santa at the Bass Pro Shop.  The boys loved it.  KC not so much.

 Brody has been taking all of his bedding off so that he could sleep next to Koby on the floor. So adorable.
Having lunch on their little table.  Koby was reading Elf on the Shelf to Koby.

Im terrible at keeping up are some pictures from the pumpkin patch back in the fall.  My boys are just too cute. 



 Koby had a great birthday!  I can't believe he is 5.  He loves the number 5 and points it out everywhere we go!



We took Titan and Peyton to Wreck it Ralph with us.  So fun.  The boys were so cute to listen to.  Kaleb informed me later that I was supposed to get the poster thing in the picture.  Oops.

Koby and Brody loved the firestation and the firetruck for a preschool field trip. 

Why do I do this to myself...

                                            The Hulks at the daycare.  Aren't they cute?
                                              The batmans and batwomen at the daycare.
                                                                      The superheros
                                                    Supposed to be a monster and a witch.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Well I finally got my camera to download picutres so I can blog about happy things. Todays been a rough day so I was happy for the distraction. Plus I get to look at picture of my cute boys and that cheers me up.
Koby is doing soccer right now. He is pretty darn cute in his uniform. Don't ya think? I love this boy. He tries pretty hard most of the time but gets too busy looking at his shadow and forgets about the ball. Haha! We kind of love that even if it is kind of annoying too.
Cousins are the best! These guys got to spend a couple days together and they loved it! Jojo was too funny when I was taking the pictures of them on the jeep she just kept smiling and smiling even though I was done taking pictures. Typical girl. They were a blast and I would love to have them over again sometime.
This was Kobys first day of preschool. He was so cute..I was trying to get him ready to go and he was asking if I was going to leave him there and I told him that I was that he needed to learn and that I would pick him up in a little bit. He was so sad and said "but I will miss you mom." When I got back in the car from dropping him off Brody was crying saying "I miss my Koby, I want my Koby." How adorable.