Monday, September 28, 2009

Best Buds!

So on Sunday Kaleb and I were in the living room and Brody was in his crib. Koby was wondering around the house. We hear Brody laughing alot and we sneak back to their room and find Koby in Brody's crib. He was giving him zuberts (you know when you blow on someones belly) and jumping up and landing on his bum which made Brody come off the bed a little. It was so adorable. Brody gets excited when Koby comes by him..he starts kicking his little legs and flailing his little hands as fast as they will go. I hope they grow up to be best buds! Oh I know they will fight but I just hope I can teach them to love one another and to play together.

I took this on my phone so the quality isn't the best. I was undressing Brody and had left his onsie on his head and Koby wanted to be like Brody and have a shirt on his head too! So cute!

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Ok well ALOT has happened since I last posted! I have been terrible this summer at posting and taking pictures! My boys are growing like crazy! Brody is 4 months old now and just the cutest thing ever! He will smile at anything! He is so chubby and has alot of rolls. I just took him to the doctor and he is 90% for height and 97% for weight! Chunker! He is reaching for things and is drooling alot (no teeth yet please)!!! Koby is just a little firecracker! He has found out how to use his toys to climb up onto the bathroom counter and get into EVERYTHING and to scoot a chair up to the kitchen counter and get into EVERYTHING! I love him even though he gets into things! We have Kalebs Aunts dog Coco with us right now and Koby LOVES that dog so much! He is such a fun playmate for Koby! We have been busy canning all kinds of things lately. We've done beef, peaches, peach pie filling, green beans and pears! They all turned out really well! I love canning and would say that it is definitely a hobby! What else? I don't know just life I guess! I will do better at keeping an update!

Koby and Coco!

Koby with his 50's look at the PSR reunion

Brody getting his first buzz!

In our 50's clothes at the sock hop! PSR 2009

Brody and his cousin Maycee at the Sock Hop

Koby falling asleep at the table after church!

We went out to the ranch for the Brimhall reunion and Ryker and Koby found these hard hats and they would not take them off for nothing! Koby even fell and scraped up his elbow but he was still holding onto his hard hat!

Koby loving on his brother!