Thursday, June 11, 2009

Brody Kekoa Kelepolo

Well this past Sunday we blessed Brody in our ward. It was so fun to have our families come and support us. Brody is so special to me. He is really sweet and I know that he came straight from the pre-existence where he lived with our Heavenly Father. Awhile back we were at my parents house and they have a picture of Jesus hanging on their wall and my dad was holding him and he was just staring at the picture of Christ. I know that he knew him and talked with him. I'm so blessed to have the experience of nurturing one of these blessed spirits. I love him so much! I love watching Koby and him and how they interact. Well its not so much Brody interacting but more Koby I guess. He loves his little brother and never misses an opportunity to kiss on him. We love them both! Oh, how they have blessed our lives and especially mine!