Sunday, June 10, 2012

For Grandpa Shums brithday we had a cookout and it was wonderful! You can tell by the pictures that we had a great time. I feel so lucky to have grandma and grandpa pose for a picture for me. I love them so much and cherish them. I hope you all enjoy too ad be jealous that we got to be you all!


Koby played Tball this year! He was pretty funny. He really wasn't that interested to say the least. He would try to sneak out of the house with a plastic knife to get the ants during his game..he would make excuses to not go out to the field like his ears were hot, he needed to go to the bathroom or he was starving. He was pretty funny though. He would watch his shadow as he ran to first base and he would wear his "batting glove" on his right hand during the whole game. Poort Brody thought he was going to play on the team til the uniforms were handed out and he didn't get one. He was pretty sad about it. You can see on opening day that he ran out there with the team to do their cheer. He did play the last game with them because there wasn't that many kids and he did great! He just stood up there and wacked that ball. He loves Koby and would cheer for him. In the picture where they are cheering they are yelling "go Pirates!" I love these boys! They are so fun!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Cute boys

Just a couple pictures of the boys up at Greer Lakes. Aren't they cute? Brody got some binoculars for his birthday and they love to look thru them and explore.

Doing some catching up

We celebrated our Bro mans birthday back in April and here are a few pictures from the event. We had a great time. Brody we love having you in our family. You just turned three or "TTREE" as you say it. We love how it takes you a few minutes to get your hands set to the number three. I love that you have at least a smidge of baby fat left in your arms and your cheeks and sometimes I pinch it and try not to make you too mad at me but I know that before too long it will be gone and I love it so much. I love watching you talk because I love the way your mouth moves and how you say your words. You love your Koby and love to play with him and to tease him. You love to play "muscles" which means you love to wrestle. You love drinking your chocolate milk and strawberries. You still love to dress in your super hero costumes and spiderman is still your favorite. Lately you have this conversation where you say "Baby Bryce dead" "Jesus Christ Alive" (and you make your eyes all big and you usually have your arms spread apart and you are so excited about this)"we go to Jesus home and see what he doing?" I love these sweet conversations. We love you so much! You make us happy and I am so grateful to get to be your mommy. Your middle name (kekoa) means to be brave. Brave means to have the courage to stand up for what you know is right. To be a good example to those around you. To be brave like Nephi. To be obediant like the 2000 stripling warriors. Bro I love you and can't tell you how happy and blessed I am to get to watch you grow. Love mommy