Saturday, March 12, 2011

Oh ya nother thing...Koby says my tummy hurts when he wants a drink especially a drink of mom and dads soda. Well the other day I was loading them up and I was going to work so I grabbed a soda to drink there and Koby started saying his tummy hurt and he says "mommy my tummy way bad." I thought it was so cute!
* Loves to give me all kinds of different kisses (pisses) such as batman, ironman, cloudy with a chance of meatballs and just regular.
* Has started to ask why
* Will pull down his pants to show you his underwear and then stick out his little bum bum to make sure you see the cartoon figure on his pants
* Only referrs to colors as they match up with super hero figures etc..ironman-red, green-hulk. It is also how we get him to eat his food but I need to know more superheroes with different colors :)
* If you ask him to fix his hair he sticks out his tongue and gets both of his hands then rubs them thru his hair. (I did not teach him this and I don't even clean his face with my spit!)

* Walks around all day in his spiderman outfit with his ironman rain boots on. I can get him to take them off for a bath and then they go right back on. We put pajamas on the kid and he puts his gear on right over his pajams ---everynight.
* One night he would not go to sleep unless the spiderman mask holes were directly over his eyes.
* He thinks its cool to sit on the toilet as long as hes the one to get up there. If you set him up there he has to climb down and do it himself.
* He eats anything! Koby will not eat and Brodys just sitting there chowing down.
* He loves to do this little lip curl thing and he makes the weirdest face. He has been doing it since he was little.

I know there is more funny little things that they have been doing but thats all I can think of right now. I'll have to write them down. They keep me laughing!