Thursday, April 14, 2011

Learning, Loving, Growing, and Gratitude

I am so blessed with good people in my life. I have a wonderful husband who really is always trying to please me and to make things better for our family. He loves me no matter what even if I do wear scruffy clothes every evening. I have the most outstanding boys. They are the most loud, fun, happy, sad, noisy, annoying, loveable, emotional, joyful, playful, curious, questioning, sweet, snuggly, grumpy, hungry, tired, energetic boys you'll ever meet and they keep me going and happy. I have wonderful family that care and love me. They are willing to help me out with whatever I may need. I have some really amazing friends that are always willing to check in on me and to call me. I hope that I can always be aware of others in need. I have some great examples. And last but not least. I am grateful to my Heavenly Father. He loves me. He know me and what I need. I trust him and put my faith in him. I thank him for showing me my blessings and making me grateful for what I have. I truly am grateful for the power of the priesthood and the power of gratitude. I have to say too that I am extremely grateful for medicine. It really is amazing. All the instruments, medicine and technology. It seriously amazes me. I love it. I am grateful to be apart of it. I am feeling the love!