Wednesday, January 11, 2012


One week after Christmas we went to disneyland!! Yea! We went from as soon as the park opened to about as long as th boys could handle (8 or 9) :). We were suprised that Koby was tall enough (40in) to ride alot of the rides in Disneyland which was such a nice and fun suprise! He loved the star tours I think the best but he also really loved splash mountain. He cried during space mountain. I think he was so suprised that his parents would take him on such a dangerous ride when we are constantly saying "get down Koby.. you'll get hurt." I'm sure that was confusing. Once he figured out what Disneyland was all about as soon as we finished one ride he would say, "let's go find a new one!" He loved it! Brody loved all of it too! He loved seeing characters and loved It's a Small World. He got so excited during the parade that he couldn't even form words. He would just grunt and point at whatever he was so excited about. Everyone sitting around us definitely heard him and new that he was very excited! They bothed loved pirates! Brody got pretty scared in that one and started to cry a little but the second time we rode it he was excited about it and didn't get scared at all. In the treehouse Koby got pretty scared but then we told him that it was ok it was just toys (fake). He used that the whole time when he thought something was a little scary he would say, "it's ok, its just toys." We loved it! We got to go to the beach too. Koby just took off running and loved it until he fell down and then he was pretty much done with the water! He got soaking wet and we ended up taking off his clothes! Brody was really scared of it at first but soon got the hang of it and didn't want to get out! We decided we wanted to spend our next vacation lounging at the beach. Sounds so relaxing! Disneyland wore us out!


Christmas came and went and was so enjoyable with our boys. We spent Christmas Eve with Kalebs family doing a little get together. We decorated Christmas cookies for Santa and we had fun just visiting and eating yummy food. Kaleb worked Christmas Even night so he went off to work. When he got home Christmas morning we got to see the loot that Santa brought us. The boys loved opening presents and just tore into them. We love Christmas time and the time we get to remember all those in our family and community who we love so dearly. I get all choked up when I think about the great people that I'm surrounded by. I had to work this year from 1 to 7 so my mother and father in law were so nice to watch the boys while Kaleb slept and then he had to work Christmas night as well. I have some video that I will download of Christmas too. Kaleb and I are so blessed to have such fun little boys. We love them!