Saturday, March 23, 2013

Moab 3/2013

    The hotel we stayed at had a playground and the kids loved it!  There was a pirate ship and the boys
I had to include this one because Bro always does this with his lips!
 You can't really see it that well but there were people walking up the canyon to the start of the race.  Lots of people.  Over 3000 people.
                             We bought these pillows to help the boys be more comfortable but they would never     wear them to sleep.  Koby thought it was to keep his neck warm.

                                           Uncle Brandon totally scared Koby.  It was funny!
                                                                                 The boys!
                                                                   I sure do love this guy.
                                                         I kind of like this guy too.  ;)
                                                                     Another one!
                                                                          The fam!
                My sister took this one of me.  I don't generally like pictures of myself but I liked this one.
                                                     Sweet Kenton!  He is adorable!
                                                      At the finish!  Yay, glad to be done!
                                                                       Dead Horse Point
                                                                  Dead Horse Point

                                                                       Dead Horse Point

                                                       Koby and Ryker at Dead Horse Point

                                                  They were hiding in a hole in the rock
                                                                       So beautiful!

                                             Check out Koby posing with his hand on his hip.
                                                                      Little love birds.
                                          Arches National Park (that rocks gonna fall sometime)
                                                                  Arches National Park

                                                     One of the rocks we jeeped up.

                                      Thanksgiving Point Dinosaur museum.  The boys LOVED it.

                                                       Giant shark at Thanksgiving Point
                                           They had some interesting sleeping arrangements.
                                        Trying to keep the sun out so they could watch a movie.
                                                         Look at all those kids.  At Wendys
                                                            House built into the rock.
                        KTJ wasn't too happy abt a picture with her Auntie.  At Thanksgiving Point.

                                                      KTJ trying to give Bro some lovin.
                                3D movie that Koby was so scared to watch at first but then he liked.

We had so much fun!  I love to hang out and see new things.  The boys are so much fun and love all of the adventures of vacation!  It was fun to be in Moab with 3000 other people and their families to show our gratitude for our bodies and run.  I am so grateful for the beauty that Heavenly Father has blessed us with.  Moab was gorgeous.  I am pretty biased but I love hanging out with my family.  It was so fun to be with all of them in Moab minus Abby and Shane.  We missed them!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Pretty darn lucky

I have had a lot on my mind lately but this morning while I was running I became very grateful.
My body isn't perfect. I have extra fat hanging around, cellulite, stretch marks, saggy sacks (lol), scars, gray hair and the list goes on.  But...
I can run and walk. I can pick up my boys and tickle them or try to get kisses from them. I have been able to bring three beautiful choice spirits to this earth. I am able to cook and clean. I can paint and craft. I can (plug your ears) love my husband whenever I please. I think I'm pretty lucky. What do you think?